In 2018, in the context of Mexico's federal election, Juan José saw how the political environment polarized sensible people and created 'enemies' out of people that before could have been considered good friends. The people was so immerse in the ideology, they could not see nor understand different points of view. The worse part: this was not a phenomenon exclusive to Mexico: this happened in Brasil, the United States, Poland, Italy, England, Spain... everywhere!

Convinced that the technology could help to solve this problem he draw a first idea that soon became a candidate-citizen matching app, and then a project to update the global democracy. With that in mind, he partnered with Oscar,a Bolivian philosopher that helped in the development of the candidate-citizen matching app to create a startup.

Fast-forward 12 months, Wizdem now helps citizens, organizations, businesses and governments to build citizen-centric, democratic societies. And does so with robust technology and with an embeded commitment with ideological neutrality and anti-radicalism protection.

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