About Us

We are a Platform created to strengthen the civic engagement and governance in a targeted fashion.

We are focused on civic participation because without it democracy keeps weakening and the risk of populisms and authoritarianisms rises.

What do we believe?

We believe citizens should be free to pursue the satisfaction of their rightful needs, wishes and aspirations.
We believe technology that has been used badly (ahem… Cambridge Analytica) can be used to unite societies and organizations around common causes.
We believe that in a polarized world a neutral space allow the re-building of trust, social cohesion and even wealth

What’s our purpose?

Enable people to live on human-centric, democratic societies. Here on Earth and Beyond.

People: We work for all the humankind, both present and future generations. We understand we have intrinsic value as humans: we are not just individuals, but persons.

Human-Centric: We humans are the center of the political, social and economic realms. We must design our societies, institutions, and else, centered around each and every person.

Democratic: We humans require order to have trust, freedom to develop capabilities, and norms to conduct our choices towards a common good. We work to guarantee this in all societies.

Here on Earth and Beyond: We humans are called to become interplanetary species. We must design our democracy for all of us, no matter when we live, where we live, how we live.
Juan José Díaz
Co-Founder, CEO.

Entrepreneur, consultant and professor in political and economic philosophy. Alumnus Singularity University.
Oscar Landivar
Co-Founder, Costumer happiness.

Interested in politics since I was a kid. Passionate about optimizing everything. Data driven. "Nothing is perfect, All can be improve"
Mario Ortiz
Fullstack Developer.

Engineer interested in great stories. Technology can make an impossible idea happen, let's code it.
Frida Flores

Philosophy undergrad and soon-to-be Political Science student. My lack of skill in sports is offset by my interest to help transform the way of life in my country. “There ir a million things I have not done, but just you wait”.
Luis Novo
AI Developer

I think with the help of new technologies we can build new and better societies. A better future is in our hands, now is our duty to make it happen.