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Welcome to the premium place to build your communities.
Gather around shared interests in multiple communities, and bring together your content, conversations, projects and memberships.
Our promise: Wizdem is free, for ever, for everyone.
Coming soon: You can upgrade your account to have access to special deals and improved capabilities in your communities
We don't have single interests.
Our communities should reflect that.
Wizdem is for you, no matter if you are a jazz
aficionado-movie-lover-religious-volunteer, or a basketball-fan-entrepreneur-mother-of-4.
Engineered serendipity.
We believe in the power of discovery and happy accidents: reach outside your natural network and discover your new tribes
Positive impact.
We have a soft spot for positive impact and participation, so we help you connect to organizations and causes, to support them with monthly memberships and volunteer work on their projects
Participation over consumption.
Social platforms should not focus on making us addicts
We are social beings because we create together: technology should respect and promote that.
In the era of the attention economy, Wizdem gives you a space to create, post and engage in amazing conversations. You decide the tone. You decide the topic. Wizdem helps you with an amazing reach and strong privacy and security
Seamless experience
Make Wizdem work for you:
whether you want to chat, engage in a project or support a cause, you’ll find all the tools in here!
Boost your Impact!
Discover and connect to organizations you care about and help them do their work with monthly memberships and volunteer work
Pro tip: communities are the best way to create a positive change, invite your communities to engage with different causes and see how your support makes an impact!

When you support an organization the monthly membership is deposit right to their bank account! We earn a tiny fee of 7%* and we look after their transaction fees

But, what if you are the organization? How does it work for you?
Glad you asked! It’s the same: just create your account and fill your profile, invite your audiences and start building a community of members and supporters! Need help? Contact us
Hello Boost!
Goodbye Ads!
Like you, we hate online ads.
In Wizdem you can buy tokens and use them to reward and promote the content you love. It's community-based publicity!

"Wizdem has given us the opportunity to grow as a team, to be more organized and to create a more responsible internal community. Also, we are building our community of fans around the topics of mental health and depression, the main theme of our Short Film, Phoebe!".

-Nicole Picazo, CEO Phoebe Studios

Phoebe Short Film

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People and technology.
Wizdem is supported by private mexican and international investors and belongs to international networks for being "alumni" at the Founder Institute, Singularity University and Y Combinator Startup School.
I addition, we collaborate with meaningful organizations in a national and global level such as EmpresAbility and the Council for Inclusive Capitalism.
Thanks to our algorithms discovery and connection is as simple and safe as using Spotify.
Say hello to our integrations and partners: Amazon Web Services, Fastly, Google Cloud, Slack and Stripe.
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